My first novel, Land of the Frontier Saints, is now available to buy for Kindle on Amazon. It’s also available in print format.

The apocalypse has come to San Francisco. The Frontier Saints are God’s chosen few, and the chosen few have decided to die.

Laura Jo Marlin stands ready to burn down the compound of the religious cult that has raised her. But before she can complete what may be her final act, self-proclaimed emissary of God, Frank Marlin, stands ready to take his Granddaughter’s life.

As the flames consume all around her, Laura Jo begins to recount an intricately woven tale of her journey from innocence to corruption, and Frank’s twisted path from teenage criminal to the leader of America’s most infamous hate group, the Frontier Saints.

In a world where religious and political extremism dominates the headlines, the story of Frank’s perversion of the ‘truth’, and Laura’s possible redemption has never been more relevant.

Land of the Frontier Saints is a novel that lovers of the work of JG Ballard, Haruki Murakami, Cormac McCarthy, and David Mitchell will really connect with.

And, following in dark footsteps of David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson, Frank Marlin is a figure destined to chill the soul of readers.


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